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Big Money by Jack Getze

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Oct. 5th, 2008 | 05:39 pm

Austin Carr, stockbroker at Shore Securities is back and deep in trouble again. It's nothing new. Austin maybe the golden tongued salesman of all manner of stock, but he's also a magnet for whatever can possibly go wrong.

And he's not always even the cause of it.

In BIG MONEY, he's been left in charge of the business while Mr. Vick, his boss, sails off to Tuscany for a big vacation. Why? Well, it could be because there's an American Association of Securities Dealers investigation going on, or that Walter, the best salesman and part owner, has decided to leave the business. It might even be because Vicks' daughter Carmela is in the midst of a divorce from Rags who also owns a piece of the business.

The bottom line is that Austin is left holding the bag.

Of course, with Austin in charge, things go immediately from bad to worse. The woman in charge of the AASD investigation is murdered. A known mobster wants Shore Securities to take care of his money. The police think that maybe Austin had something to do with both - in a highly illegal way.

Also, par for the course, Austin's ex-wife chooses that moment to take leave with his children in tow and disappear from sight.

Then there's Austin's propensity for getting involved with the exact women he shouldn't.

Oh, and then the mobster gets murdered, and the man's monster of a driver who is more than a little psychotic decides that Austin is responsible for that death.... well, let's just say that Austin ends up on the wrong end of several guns, in the arms of several killers, and finally wrapped in chains about to be dumped off a boat into very deep water.

It's just typical of the way things go for him.

But in the midst of this, Austin maneuvers and manipulates and deals, until at the end of the book, he's not only still alive but he's substantially changed his position in the company.

Yep, it's definitely an interesting adventure and well worth your time.


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